That Changhua Life

Changhua is a rad little city, and when I say “little” I really mean enormous, but little for Taiwan. There are still 235,022 people that live here. This is the city I have been lucky enough to call home for the past 8 months. It’s been a really great experience living in a slower paced part of Taiwan, and being able to venture to the “big city” (Taichung or Taipei) when I’m feeling like some extra entertainment.

I live in a great little studio where I can see the famous Baguashan Buddha from my rooftop (and bathroom)….what an awesome view for a morning dump #amirite? Too much? I have 5 English channels, a balcony and a washer. Totally set.

Loving Changhua for what it is, but definitely have my sights on Taipei for 2017!


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