Food Journal Pt. 1

[Taipei & Changua]

Some of the best experiences I’ve had here are when I’m eating…I mean for real. Taiwan is a food destination for so many interesting street snacks! They are BOSS with the fried chicken. They add garlic and basil and like 10 spices and it’s super over flavored in all the right ways! You can get it really spicy too, which everyone wants. Anther thing I can’t get enough of are the noodles that I call “make your own noodles” (I know…very clever…) (also known by their real name “ru wai” or even realer…their Chinese characters that I don’t know). You basically take a plastic basket and stick as many veggies and meat “balls/chunks” as you want into it then choose your dry noodles and they make it for you right there. More deliciousness is the fried rice, dumplings, sushi, taro on a stick, steam buns, TEA, Teppanyaki (Japanese style grilling in front of you), HOT POT, bbq, pancake cakes stuffed with red bean paste of taro paste, amazing bread from any local bakery, DAN BING….and so many more.

Some other things I’ve tried and thought “eh better not do that again…” are pigs blood rice cakes, strange balls made of fish….AND I still have yet to try stinky tofu….

The food journal is something that will be consistently updated as I live in Taiwan and continue to travel around Asia.


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