Tokyo Dreamin
[Shibuya - Shinjuku - Harajuku]

Tokyo was a magical dreamland full of surreal scenes and out of this world lights. We had an absolute blast walking around, shopping, drinking beer, shopping more, people watching and just BEING in Tokyo!! There is just so much to see. We had some of the most incredible sushi and sashimi in a couple different restaurants. One was a standing sushi bar which was such a rad experience. We ate *drool* worthy Kobe beef and amazing ramen. The 7 elevens are on point in Japan, the people are nice and look SO cool, the streets are so clean, the nightlife is fun and exciting and basically everything about it was awesome.

I couldn’t have spent my week there with two better people also. Tina, Babs and I laughed till we cried at least once a day.


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