Taiwan Birthday

Tainan Birthdaze

So my birthday fell on a holiday weekend in Taiwan and I got to celebrate it along with the Mid Autumn Festival (Moon Festival)! We had 5 days off and spent them relaxing, sleeping, BBQing on the roof, watching movies, EATING and traveling south to Tainan.

In Tainan JR and I did a really cool estuary boat ride through the national park, went to the National Taiwan History Museum, ate so much, walked around, went to the night market (I tried “Stinky Tofu” for the first time & am pretty sure it made me sick for the next 6 hours)…and just relaxed in this rad boutique hotel we stayed in.

We came back to Changhua on Sunday night, then on Monday had an amazing birthday brunch at a cool farm-to-table cafe that I’ve been wanting to try. It was bomb, with flavors like home!! After that we hung out for a few hours before going to dinner haha. We ate at this place that is internationally recognized and known for their soup dumplings (XiaoLongBao) which basically become the only reason for living once you try them.

Great weekend spent with my man…then in the following couple of days I got a huge package from my mom with snacks, goodies and birthday fun!! 27 feels good so far.




  1. leslie
    October 16, 2016

    Sounds like an AWESOME BIRTHDAY! Leah… you just get better and better…Love you!! I want Try That Reason To Live…XIaoLongBao…

    1. leah
      October 17, 2016



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