Company Trip

The Taiwanese Bus Tour
[Changhua > Tainan > Kaohsiung]

Over the holiday weekend of 10/10 we went on a Company Trip to the south of Taiwan. It was definitely an experience! The Taiwanese travel a little differently and typically do a tour bus type deal which is something I’m not used to! We got this like group tour package and made a lot of stops along the way to Kaohsiung. Some of the stops included a soap making factory that had weird bears everywhere and like fake German (ish) cottages, a duck farm where we tried 1000 year old eggs (not down with those…) and ate chicken that was cooked in a dirt/brick oven we built (not me because it was raining and I couldn’t make the walk across the mud in my canvas shoes), an AMAZING temple/Buddha Museum, KTV (like usual), an incredible traditional drum performance, (peed in the coolest outdoor bathroom ever with plants growing on the rock walls and fish swimming in the water in front of the squatty potty), an eco boat tour, all you can eat sushi buffets and noodle restaurants.

It was exhausting and sometimes ridiculous because we often had no idea what was being said, but it was totally worth it and I had a blast with fun coworkers!

ALSO my “Hella Fresh” shirts came in the mail and they look fantastic, I got a card from one of my fav students for Teachers Day and we started decorating for Halloween in my classroom.


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  1. leslie
    October 16, 2016

    What a crazy, fun and fulfilling life you have created in taiwan! How cool is that?????


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