This passport calendar is the first edition of a yearly collection Intended to be a guide to a year of travel, exploration and adventure, it works as both a functional calendar and a pocket notebook. The collage-style illustrations, mixed with the bold, sans serif type treatment creates a contemporary composition that accurately represents scenes found at each destination. From beginning to end, the cities were chosen with careful regard to geographic location, peak travel times and festivals/attractions. For example, Hong Kong, China was chosen as the destination for June because of the Dragon Boat Festival that is happening on June 9, 2016.

Starting in Australia, this passport will take you through South East Asia, up into Nepal, over into Israel and on into Europe. Subsequent editions will take the viewer all over the world, even if only in their imagination. Document your adventures in the ‘notes’ section of each month and take advantage of every festival, event or attraction each country has to offer.